The Phrase that Changes Everything

If you're in a hard place today, know that your "And then God..." is already on the way. #coffeeforyourheart

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She sends an email sharing about abuse and heartbreak. Her story takes a turn with one phrase:

“And then God…”

She pulls me aside after a conference session and tells of depression and darkness. Then a smile comes to her face as she shares:

“And then God…”

She stands at the front of a Compassion International Center in the Dominican Republic and speaks of a childhood filled with poverty before declaring:

“And then God…”

I’ve had at the privilege of hearing women all over the world share their hearts. Their stories have taught me there is one phrase that changes everything:

“And then God…”

If you’re in a hard place today, know that your “And then God…” is already on the way. And if you’ve seen Him come through for you already, I’d love for you to share your story by leaving a comment on this post. How would you fill in the blank below?

“I was ________ and then God ________.”


Holley Gerth

p.s. I got to hear so many “And then God…” stories while I was in the Dominican Republic last week. Thank you for going on that journey with me. It meant so much to have your encouragement and prayers! Together we helped over 150 children get released from poverty in Jesus’ name! And if you missed the posts last week, you can still be part of a child’s “And then God…” story by sponsoring a child through Compassion International.


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About Holley

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