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I’m so glad you’re here. If you have a request, question or would like to send me a note I’ve put some info together for you below. I hope this helps!


Advice on Becoming a Writer
I created an online course for you! Get your spot now.


Life Coaching & Counseling
I’m taking on a very small amount of life coaching clients. I’m not doing counseling at this time but I highly recommend Roxanne Ross (counselor).


If you’re interested in interviewing me for a podcast or other venue contact Karen Campbell. She’ll take care of all the details for you!


Speaking Engagements
If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, please fill outĀ this form.


I love words and authors! Unfortunately, I can only do a very limited number of endorsements each year. If you’d like me to consider your book for an endorsement, please fill out thisĀ form. If you don’t hear back from me in the next week it means I will not be able to endorse your book at this time.


Guest Posts on My Blog
Thank you for wanting to share your words on my site! I’m not accepting guest posts at this time.


Guest Posts on Your Blog
Because of my other writing commitments, I’m not doing guest posts at this time.

Advice on Becoming a Life Coach
I got certified to be a life coach through Life Breakthrough Academy. You can do a free call with someone on their staff to get all your questions answered and find out more about the program.


All the graphics I create are gifts for you to use and share however you’d like! I hope you enjoy them and they’re helpful to you. You can find them all on the free goodies page.


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