Rhythm vs. Routine

I slide from my bed and wipe sleep from my eyes.

Breakfast with my husband. Climb on the bike in our back room. Check email. Tidy the house. Shower.

For the first time in my life I actually have a routine.

And two months into it I’m so bored with it I can hardly see straight.

I have other friends who thrive on routines. They find beauty and comfort in the sameness.

We’re all so very different, aren’t we?

For both my order-loving friends and something-new self, I’ve discovered that it’s really more about finding our rhythm than locking into what we must do.

What is the pace of life that makes you feel like you’re in the flow?

When do you feel most energized?

What are the days that you think, “I’d like to do that again”?

I know some of you are in hard seasons and moments of rythm may feel few and far between. If so, I’m truly sorry. I’ve been there too. Even in those times, paying attention to those kinds of questions can help us be more resilient.

When you’re stressed…

Do you want a clean house or to be able to forget about all that for awhile?

Do you need more sleep or less?

Do you find yourself drawn to doing particular things at particular times (ex: a cup of tea at three) or do you need to do new things and embrace a little more adventure?

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. No two the same. When someone else tells you something that works for them all it means is that…it works for them. You don’t have to feel pressure to do what anybody or everybody else does.

I changed my routine.

And I’m happier for it.

Two months from now I’ll probably change it again.

Some of you are grinning and others are cringing…that’s the way it goes. All of us different, all of us loved, all of us finding our rhythm in this wild and crazy world.

What’s a little tip or trick from your life that works well for you?



p.s. I’m sharing about how I’m a mess over at the Bloom (in)courage book club today.

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About Holley

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