Let’s Silence the Lies We Hear Inside

LOVE wants to be the loudest voice in our hearts today.

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I step onto the treadmill and feel the whir begin beneath my feet. Usually I run outside but I’m traveling so this is the best I can do. I press a button and a “course” in New Zealand appears on the screen. It looks like I’m running through parks, across mountains and down city streets. I feel strong, free and confident.

I usually listen to heart-pounding, fist-pumping, feet-moving music like Toby Mac {this is my favorite song right now}. But suddenly my elbow snags the cord to my headphones. I worry I’m not coordinated enough to plug them back in while the treadmill is moving so I just keep running.

But without the music everything has changed. I can hear how out of breath I am. I keep having thoughts like, “I’m so tired. I want to stop. This is hard. I never want to do this again.” Without even meaning to, I begin to slow down. I consider stopping completely. I want to quit.

And that’s when it hits me: the soundtrack in our minds makes all the difference.

Earlier that morning I’d asked God for help with my thoughts. My day would involve speaking and engaging with lots of strangers—both of which bring out my insecurity. As soon as I opened my eyes I’d begun hearing phrases similar to the ones I was battling on the treadmill. “I’m so scared. I don’t want to do this. This is too much for me.”

In those moments without my headphones I realized how much what I listen to in my mind matters. Do I play old recordings that remind me of my flaws and failures? Do I let doubt and uncertainty set the rhythm of my day? Or do I choose bold, love-loud truth that fills me with new strength and the courage to do what God asks?

I finally managed to reconnect my headphones and instantly everything changed. I was ready to give this run my all again. The negative voices quieted. My feet rediscovered a faster, stronger pace. I finished well.

We can’t choose our circumstances. We can’t choose the actions of others. We can’t choose how our day will unfold. But we can choose how we respond. We can choose our perspective. We can choose the lyrics of the music in our minds.

Instead of saying, “This is too much for me” we can say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” {Php. 4:13}.

Instead of listening to, “I’m going to fail” we can declare, “All things are possible with God” {Matt. 19:26}.

Instead of agreeing with, “I’m not good enough” we can affirm, “I am wonderfully made” {Ps. 139:14}.

Let’s tune in to what makes us run long and hard for Jesus. Let’s focus us what makes us feel strong and empowered by His Spirit. Let’s replay the promises that will make our victory sure—not because we’re perfect but because we will persevere to the finish line. One rockin’ step at a time.


Holley Gerth

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About Holley

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