Simple Ways You Can Help Someone Who’s Hurting

photo by Phillie Casablanca

photo by Phillie Casablanca

As a licensed counselor and certified life coach I get asked a lot, “What do I do when someone I love faces a crisis?” When those close to us are going through a hard time, we can feel enormous pressure to do something, anything, to make it better. Those situations can feel intimidating and yet over time I’ve seen the simplest response usually brings the most comfort.

Here’s my three-step SOS plan for when someone you love calls for help…

S – Show up. Answer the phone. Respond to the text message. Drive over to the house. Simply being there in some way is about 80% of what matters most.

O – Offer support. Support might mean sending a little message that says, “I’m praying for you today.” It might mean bringing a meal. Again, keep it simple.

S – Speak when spoken to. In other words, listen as much as you can. You can respond in ways like: “I’m so sorry.” “I love you.” “I’m here for you.”

We can feel overwhelmed by a crisis and think we need to do, say, and be more when we truly don’t. So just take a deep breath, ask God to give you wisdom, and then respond in some small way.

The truth is: If you love someone, you already know what to do. Because love is the best healer of the heart.



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About Holley

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