If You’re Stressed or Weary, Worried or Hurried

You are already loved.

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If you’re stressed or weary, worried or hurried today then this is an invitation for your soul…

I’ve been trying to begin a new habit of pausing for a few moments of silence before starting my day. After only thirty seconds my heart already feels like a racehorse at the gate, keyed up and impatient. The only words that seem to come to my mind are the to-do list waiting for me. The only feeling I can summon up is anxiety.

I thought, because I’m an introvert, this practice of a few moments of silence would be easy. But I’m finding this kind of time is more than an absence of noise, which I can handle and even welcome. Instead it’s an intentional choosing to be fully present to God. It’s about being quiet on the inside and this is much, much harder than turning down the volume on the television.

It’s very loud in my mind, you see. There are worries and fears, insecurities and uncertainties. I can generally calm this crowd of hecklers by doing something. But sitting in silence only makes them shout.

Yet as I stay on the edge of the bed it seems I begin to hear a deeper, clearer voice. Finally, this single phrase comes to the forefront of my mind: You are already loved.

Tears come to my mind because it is exactly what my soul needs to remember. Exactly.

I sit still and repeat it over and over.

No matter what you do or don’t do today…
You are already loved.
No matter how you might fail or fall…
You are already loved.
No matter what yesterday held or the future will bring…
You are already loved.

I finish my few minutes of silence and take that phrase with me through the rest of the day. When something on my to-do list goes undone, when my plans turn to chaos, when I feel a bit weary I say it again: You are already loved.

What does your heart need to hear today? Would you like to join me in starting a habit of a few minutes of silence?

1 – Choose a time and place. I picked sitting on the edge of my bed for about five minutes before I get up for the day.

2 – All kinds of thoughts will race through your mind. That’s okay and just part of the process. As each one comes, release it to God.

3 – As your mind gets quieter, ask God to speak the truth your heart needs to hear. (Note: Most of the time this will be Scripture so if you don’t hear anything just reflect on a verse you love. If it’s not Scripture, then what you hear should still align with what the Bible says. For example, I heard “You are already loved” which is a theme throughout God’s Word.)

Emily P. Freeman said, “When we sit in silence we may not be doing anything but we are undoing so much.” I have made a habit of hurry, of hustling for love and approval. I want to undo it. Maybe you would like to join me?

We are invited into God’s arms today.
We have worth beyond what we do.
We are already loved.

Hope Your Heart NeedsXOXO

Holley Gerth

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