Strong, Brave, Loved: A 21-Day Challenge for the New Year

Want to join the (free) strong, brave, loved challenge?

Confession: If there were a jail for breaking New Year’s resolution I would be in it. Without bail. For life. No chance of parole.

So as the calendar turns again I find myself looking for something different. I don’t want another resolution. Instead I want a revolution. You too?

I’ve learned true transformation always starts with the heart—not a list or teeth gritted with determination or another sit-up. With that in mind, I’m doing a 21 Day Strong, Brave, Loved Challenge — and you’re invited to join me!

The Strong, Brave, Loved 21 Day Challenge is based on an ebook I wrote that just released this week. Yay! This ebook is an extension of Fiercehearted and what I shared in it. I’ve heard from thousands of you about how that book has touched your life (thank you). I finished the manuscript of that book, but I’ve discovered I’m not done with the message. So here we are, talking about what it means to be strong, brave, and loved.

By strong I don’t mean faking it and trying to hide our limp; I mean knowing we are women in a battle, beautiful warriors who cannot be overcome.

By brave I don’t mean reckless or forceful; I mean having the courage to connect, to reach out and be okay with what’s messy or uncertain.

By loved I don’t mean what we know in our heads; I mean living in the truth of who God is and who He says we are even when the lies we’re tempted to believe are hissing in our ears.

In Fiercehearted, I tell stories. I speak the reality of my own life and heart, the turning point Jesus brought me to and through. Strong, Brave, Loved builds on the themes I share there and also ties them with Scriptures, prayers, and ways to apply truth in our lives. Some of the content is new and some has been curated from other places, like my blog and freelance work, but it’s sure to inspire, encourage, and challenge you through stories and practical application.

Here are three quick and easy steps to join me in the 21 Day challenge:

1 – Get a copy of the Strong, Brave, Loved ebook. It’s $2.99 — less than a latte.

2 – Go to my Facebook page. Under the big photo at the top make sure you’ve liked and followed the page (this is so you’ll actually see what I post). OR go to my Instagram Feed and select “Follow” to join the challenge there. You might want to follow in both places so you’re sure not to miss a thing! Note: We’ll kick off Day One tomorrow, so go ahead and get a copy of the ebook now and make sure you’re following along. If you’re reading this at a later date, no worries — you can join the Challenge at any point by finding the Challenge posts on Facebook or Instagram.

3 – Share the Challenge with your people. Research shows community and accountability help us keep commitments. And everything is just more fun with friends, right? Feel free to download and then post the image above and invite your friends (in the caption of your social media post) to join the Challenge by following me on Facebook or Instagram. You can also tag friends in the comments or share the Challenge post that will go up each day.

The Strong, Brave, Loved 21 Day Challenge is easier and lots more fun than giving up sugar, doing 100 crunches a day or setting your alarm an hour earlier. Promise.

I pray the next 21 days bring us to a new place of freedom, scandalous hope, and wild, holy courage.

We are made for more than “I’m fine.”
 We are fiercehearted women; this is our time.


Holley Gerth

P.S. Ebooks can be read on a Kindle, another reading device, or with the free Kindle app that you can download to your computer. If you don’t have an e-reader, it’s still possible to download and read Strong, Brave, Loved. And if you want to invite a friend to join in the Challenge… did you know you can ‘gift’ an ebook through Amazon? How fun is that?! Look for the ‘gift’ option right underneath the purchase section (on the right, when viewing on a computer).

Want to join the (free) strong, brave, loved challenge?


Right now, we’re doing a special link-up series to celebrate Fiercehearted: Live Fully, Love Bravely. You’re a fiercehearted woman so I’m asking you to pour out a little love and courage with your words every Wednesday {the link-up goes live at 5:30am CST}. Simply write an encouraging blog post, especially if it’s about living fully and loving bravely, and then share it here. Don’t have a blog? You can still write an encouraging comment. If you’re reading this by email, go to to see all the fun and join in too.

When you link up your post, take a moment to leave an encouraging comment on the one that’s linked up just before yours. Thanks, friends!

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About Holley

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