Update: The winner of the Set Free necklace giveaway is Abra! If you still want one for you or someone you love, you can find it here on DaySpring’s site. Enter coupon code holley20 for an extra 20% off! 

I am feeling freedom today…do you know that weightlessness I mean? The sort that makes your heart feel as if it can fly. The kind that makes you laugh on the inside and cry on the outside because it’s such a sweet relief. I have learned these last few weeks that guilt weighs much but grace is lighter than air.

My lovely friend Heather Steck designed this Set Free necklace for DaySpring about a year ago.

Set Free DaySpring Necklace  

It comes with this beautiful card featuring a message I wrote…

Set Free Necklace 2

I am set free—
Released from the past
and all that held me captive…
welcoming each day
with my wings spread wide…
Soaring into the future
and all God has for me!
I cried to the LORD,
and He answered
by setting me free.
Psalm 118:5 NIV

When I put those words on paper I had only begun to understand what freedom meant. I was more like the baby robins hopping about my backyard with fluttering wings. Now I feel I know so much more of what it means to have your spirit soar.

To celebrate my newfound freedom I’m giving away one of these necklaces. Just leave a comment by midnight on Thursday.

Sweet Freedom, you were not free at all…Love bought you and will not let you go.

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About Holley

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