TGIF – Thank God I Found It (Okay, really TGIFI – close enough)

I’ve been exploring some new blogs this week. Each one has brought a different emotion—laughter, tears, peace. I’m amazed by these women who sit at their keyboards and move words from their hearts and everyday experiences to the page so the rest of us can read them. I’m sharing a few quotes I loved below. I hope you’ll follow the trail and pay a visit to each one…


It was as if my presence on her couch was the exactly what she hoped would happen that day. I can’t put my finger on any one thing she did to make me feel so loved and special…All I know is that in that moment I knew exactly what it meant to show someone the love of Christ. I could feel it as if it were a physical element.
– Jennifer, Conversion Diary (2/25)


Because Sr. Edwina never let me forget that poor children in China were starving when I was in the 2nd grade, I am psychologically obligated 40 years later to make the waiter box up food I won’t eat so that I can throw it away a week later, that is if I can find it…
Antique Mommy (2/26)


It’s that messy stuff of life that makes you aware of the now and being in the present. If it weren’t for that darn broken pen on the asphalt I would have just plopped him in his car seat and been on our way to the next place, my mind somewhere else thinking busy thoughts.
– Stephanie, Adventures in Babywearing (2/26)


We must all decide for ourselves the degree to which we will engage with technology. Those who believe that spending hours upon hours with our sets rather than one another risk losing something more important than high quality reception.

– Eileen Button as quoted by Ann Kroeker (2/24)


Smitty: Um, hey, where’d you learn to dance like that?
Mary: What? That? It’s nothing.
Smitty: I’ve just never seen you dance like that.
Mary: Yeah, I’ve been practicing. In the mirror.
Insert hysterical, though supportive and loving, laughter here.
– Mary, Giving Up on Perfect (2/27)


When you can name something, you know what it’s made of; the thing finds identity, form. In the naming the things right before us, the thing we’d otherwise miss, the invisible becomes visible. We know the face we face.
– Ann, A Holy Experience (2/26)

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