The JOY Challenge: Day 24 – Fitting Prayers


I’m deliberately finding joy for forty days. To start from day one click here. 

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I am thinking of the size of my prayers today.
Some are small. Help, Lord.
Some short. Thank you.  
Some are the size of my hand, stretched toward another. Be with us now, Lord.

Some are chopped into little pieces, often when I’m driving. Bless Mark. Help me in that meeting. I love you. Thank you for making those flowers. Please give me peace. I’m glad you came to save us. My words lay out like the dashed lines in front of my car.
Others are long. They could fill pages, books. They come from somewhere deep inside and form a string of words that could stretch around the world…or all the way to the hearts of those for whom I pray.
I analyze these prayers. Sometimes the little ones seem, well, too little. Sometimes the long ones seem self-absorbed. Like trying on clothes at a shop, I try to find the perfect fit.
Sermons, articles, books offer their perspectives too.
Then one day I realize…


It is not about the size of my prayer but the size of my God.

And in this there is joy. For whether we have faith like a mustard seed or a mountain, He takes our words and weaves them into His purposes. Small. Short. Little. Long. They all have a place.
They all fit.

Prayer Journey by DaySpring

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