The Unexpected

Snow storm 2011 The snow spreads like the thickest frosting across the yard.

“A few inches,” the weather man predicted. I look at almost two feet of record-breaking white stacked high on the patio table and smile.

Who knows how the weather goes?

Then I think about how I’m often like that weather man…

making predictions, proposing plans, worrying what will happen.

Who knows how life goes?

There’s One who does…

“Do not worry about tomorrow,” He says.

He knows every drop that will fall from the sky, every wind that will blow through our lives, ever bit of sunshine and joy that will come our way.

He may not tell us what will happen next. But He always reminds us of what we can count on no matter what happens

We’ll be loved.

We’ll be secure in His care.

We’ll be part of a plan working it all out for our good and His glory.

I look out at the snow again. In a few days it will be gone. 

The sun slips through and a million snowflakes blink at me in the light. 

In this moment, right now, I raise my coffee cup to my lips in a silent toast to the unexpected…and the One who is forever the same.  

written with love for you by holley

p.s. this picture is really of my back porch!

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About Holley

About Holley

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