The Way to Feed a Hungry Heart: A Series of Letters about Serving with Words (especially in social media)

Bread photo by Ann Voskamp - A Holy Experience (used with permission) Dearest Ann,

Thank you for the words you sent my way last week in your first letter—I tucked them away in my heart like pebbles in my pocket. As we traveled the last few days I kept pulling them out, turning them over and over, holding them and feeling their beautiful weight.

You’re right, Ann, we’ve talked about what it means to be in this world wide web for a long time. And really, it’s not just the web we’re wondering about—it’s all words, yes?

What do we do with the letters, phrases, syllables, sentences that have been entrusted to us? That’s a question not just for those with blogs, twitter accounts, and facebook updates. If having a message to share makes you a writer then we’re all writers in a way, aren’t we?

Yes. I think so.

Even if our words are just the ones we speak to our family and friends.

Even if our encouragement is just for the tired check-out girl at the market.

Even if we feel like we stumble in what we put on paper or what we say.

Genesis says, “In the beginning God created….”

And John says, “In the beginning was the Word….”

In the beginning the Word created.

And ever since we’ve been creating with the Word.

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written with love for you by holley 

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About Holley

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