Your Time, Tears, and Troubles are Never Wasted—God Is Using Them All Today

The rocks you’re struggling to climb today are the stepping-stones of your tomorrow. Because God never wastes anything, there is great value in where you are right now.

Sometimes what we see as wasted time is actually the training ground for what God has in store for us. The lessons we learn and the obstacles we overcome equip us for growth and prepare us for how God wants to use us next.

There are so many times in His plan when what looks like “wasted time” was actually necessary for preparation or part of a greater purpose. Jesus being a carpenter, Moses in the desert, Sarah not becoming pregnant until late in her life—all are examples of God working in the delays.

Right now you may feel frustrated or heartbroken. But God won’t let any hurt or hard time go unused. He is working, even now, to use all of your circumstances in ways you can’t yet see.

Your time, tears, and troubles are never wasted—God is using them all today.

God, when we’re in seasons of waiting, take a detour, or things don’t move as fast as we hope, we can get discouraged. Help us to trust that You are working in each moment, redeeming everything in our lives, turning our future into what You want it to be. Amen.

God has made everything beautiful in its time. Eccl. 3:11

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About Holley

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