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We arrive in Seattle, travel weary. In early evening light we catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island. As the waves flow away from the boat so do our cares.

We arrive on the other shore, transported.

We awaken in the house of my Great Aunt Fern. Past the patio a garden thrives, planted by her hands, nurtured by her heart. I stare at it, this land of flowers.


When I thought of Seattle I only pictured grey skies and rain.

I didn’t expect this…


New life.





We drive around the island later in the day and my astonishment continues.

I’ve never seen so many flowers in so many colors.


And I realize, slowly, that I’m looking at what I’m living. First it seemed God sent me roses and now I am in a place that looks like my heart feels if I could see it.

It’s hope for all of us, this beauty that comes only because there is so much rain here. So many storms turned to glory.

And I stand in the sun thinking I wouldn’t trade a single drop, a single petal.

I am a child of Eden again, lost in a garden, the One who loves me walking in the coolness of the day.

He calls my name and I run to Him…

far away from home, nearer than I’ve ever been.

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About Holley

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