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My husband holds the iPhone in his hand and reads ancient words still alive today. I hold my hand up for him to pause. “Wait,” I say, “Read that part again.” I think in my non-morning person fogginess I must have heard it wrong.

He repeats, “Faith is confidence….” {Heb. 11:1}

Huh. I heard right after all. But those words made me wonder what I hadn’t been hearing at all, for all my life. Of course faith is the secret of confidence. Why had I never made the connection before?

I tend to think of faith as external while confidence comes from within. But isn’t that where faith really comes from too? From our hearts and the One who dwells within them?

I sit back on the couch, rest my head on my pajama-pant-covered legs, sip my coffee. It feels like a big moment. Because this changes everything. It means not only can I be confident but also if it’s part of faith then I’m commanded to be confident.

Confidence isn’t prideful. In the Kingdom, it’s actually a synonym for humility. Because the very act of faith means bowing our hearts to another. And only the humble can do so.

I can be confident.

You can be confident.

We can walk through this world with heads and hearts held high as Daughters of the King {who wear pajama pants and don’t get up on time and who are beautifully messy inside and out}. Yes, just as we are.

Will you join me? Let’s say together that we will dare to live with faith, confidence and joy. Right here. Right now…

And forever.


Holley Gerth

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About Holley

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