Welcome to the World, Lily!

Our dear friends Heather and Tony added a new little girl to their family eleven weeks ago. Lily made a surprise entrance and was born at home quite unexpectedly. Fortunately, all was well and she’s doing great. So this morning Mark and I hosted a brunch to officially introduce her. I’d love for you to meet her too…


Isn’t she a beauty? I think she gets it from her Mama. Heather and I have taken countless pictures together the last eight years of our friendship. They mark the milestones of our lives–birthdays, holidays, and now babies. Here’s another one to add to our collection…


Daddy Tony and little brother Micah joined us too. Most of the time Micah ran around and giggled cheerily. But I happened to catch him in one of his rare moments of moodiness (I have those too!). It was just so stinkin’ cute I wanted you to see it as well…


Sweet friends like Ellen stopped by to meet Lily and catch up with Heather. Ellen is a talented artist, storyteller, and I had the privilege of working with her for several years at DaySpring.


Talent must run in families because when it came time to open gifts, we were all amazed by this diaper tower from Ellen’s sister, Karen. Too cute!!


Love, laughter, and new life. What a sweet combination.

Welcome to the world, Lily, and welcome to our hearts!

* I’d love for you to welcome Lily too by leaving a comment or blessing for her (or her Mom and Dad) here!

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About Holley

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