What gift does God have for you in 2013 {and what will you give Him too}?

presents by Nina Matthews Photography


photo by Nina Matthews Photography


If I could leave any present under your tree, what would you choose? Not the kind that’s limited to what can fit inside a box or be wrapped with a bow but what your heart really desires.

Think hard about that for a moment. Can you see it?

You’re looking at your God-sized Dream.

A God-sized Dream dream isn’t placed under a Christmas tree–it’s placed within your heart by the One who created you. And it’s not about something big. Instead it perfectly fits who you are, what you’re called to do and how only you can make a difference in this world.

And here’s the best part: First God gives it to you…and then you get to give it back to Him.

Many times God-sized dreams are left unwrapped. Fear, busyness or insecurity tell us that we can open that gift later. But today, this Christmas, I’m asking you to open the gift God has for you in 2013.

Oh, yes, it will be scary. {We’ll face those fears together.}

And you’ll surely think you don’t have time for it. {We’ll come up with strategies and solutions.}

And you’ll wonder how in the world God can even use you. {We’ll talk about that too.}

But it will be so worth it. Because your life will have more purpose, your relationships more meaning, your heart more joy. Maybe there’s a part of you that quietly wonders sometimes, “Is this all there is?” If so, I would whisper back, “No, this isn’t all there is. God has more for you and you can start discovering it today.”

I’m not asking you to tackle your God-sized Dream all at once. Just to take the first step.

And that first step is eazy-peazy. Yes, ma’am.

Just show up here at midnight on New Year’s Eve when we ring in 2013 and start The Do What You Can Plan: 21 Days to Making Any Area of Your Life Better

That’s it.

No jumping off a cliff.

Or making a big commitment.

Or turning your world upside down.

We’ll go together from there–and you will have hundreds of other sisters who will be joining in to encourage you too.

Are you ready, friend? Will you embrace what God has for you in 2013?

I really do wish I could wrap up your God-sized dream and hand it to you this Christmas. But I can offer something even better–the joy and adventure of pursuing it together.

I’m clinking my mug of hot chocolate with yours and saying, “Merry Christmas and all God’s best to you in the New Year too.”

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About Holley

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