When Life Brings Change, Here’s What You Can Trust Is Still True

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And Now Today’s Post…

My story isn't over yet, and I choose to trust the Author even when I don't know what's coming.

Change can be hard. Yet everything we’re living today was once new to us. We walked for the first time. Said hello to someone we love for the first time. Showed up to work for the first time. All of those shifts likely came with a bit of fear, perhaps butterflies in our stomach, questions and uncertainties.

In moments of change, here are a few things I need to tell myself over and over again:

You are fully loved, no matter what you do or do not do.

You are part of a plan that is bigger than you, and it is unfolding even now.

You have a purpose even when things don’t turn out at all like you might expect.

God is good and what I can know of his ways is like one grain of sand on a thousand seashores.

My story isn’t over yet, and I choose to trust the Author even when I don’t know what’s coming.

I don’t always like change—but it is also the door through which so many people I love, so many opportunities I’m grateful for now, and so many of the ways I’ve grown have entered my life.

I always feel nervous about change, but eventually it becomes my new normal.

What would you add to this list?

I don’t know what change you’re facing. If it’s an exciting one, I’m cheering you on and praying you have the courage to embrace it with all your heart. If it’s a painful one, I feel tender toward you as a human who has suffered too. And I’m praying you are given the comfort you need to sustain you in this season.

Most of all, in all the changes life brings, I hope you know deep in your bones the one thing that remains: You are loved—deeply, always, come-what-may. That is true forever, that is true today.

p.s. This is an excerpt of a longer post I wrote for (in)courage, and you can read the full version over there today.

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