When You Feel Like It’s Not Enough

We stroll toward Niagara Falls. My husband and I are here to see in real life what has been captured in photos and stories so many times.

On the left water spills and flows. I see God’s hand, unbelievable power, indescribably creativity and it takes my breath away.

On the right tourist attractions beckon with lights, sales, all that glitters and is not gold. I see man’s hand, how we are never satisfied with what God gives and it takes my breath away.

This little strip of steet I walk down represents the choice I must make every single day. Do I believe that what God has given me is enough?

Eve faced it and we all know how her choosing changed us.

I glance back at the water. It’s life and power, glory and good, wild and it reminds me how small I am.

I glimpse again what’s on the other side. It’s filled with entertainment, empty promises, and it tells me how big I can be, how much better life can become.

What are those two sides for you?

For me, the water is choosing simplicity and creativity. It’s letting the Spirit be the flow in my life. It’s drinking deep of the Living Water. It’s saying “no” more–sometimes even to good things.

The other side is my longing to have approval, my inward striving, the lies I tell myself that what God has given is still not enough..that I am not enough and must do something to fix myself.

One side demands, “You must have more.”

The other reassures, “You have more than enough.”

We arrive at the falls. I turn my back on the city. I feel the mist on my face as it blows a thousand tiny kisses. I shut my eyes and hear a hundred voices of tourists in every different language. But above the murmuring, the calling out, it seems there is one still small Voice.

I quiet my heart and I listen.

And what I hear makes my heart flow with powerful joy again.


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About Holley

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