When You Feel Like You Want Just a Little Bit More

Yellow tape blows in the wind as tourists press in to peer over the edge of Niagara Falls. Emergency vehicles swirl their lights as firemen and police officers put their heads together and talk quietly.

“What happened?” my husband asked a man standing next to us.

“Some guy went over the falls.”

I suck in a deep breath and whisper a prayer. But it’s what the man said next that stung my heart.

“He probably wanted to get a good picture for Twitter. You know how people are. He ignored the signs. Then he got to the edge and slipped over.”

It turns out that’s not what happened and miraculously, the man survived.

But I kept thinking of those words again and again because it could have been what happened.

A man risking his life for Twitter.

It sounds so foolish.

And yet…don’t I sometimes do that too?

Perhaps not my physical life but the life God has given me.

I love social media. It’s a beautiful way to connect. Some of my deepest relationships have grown from this space. I feel called here…

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About Holley

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