When You’d Like a Little More Happy in Your Life

photo by jetheriot

photo by jetheriot

We walk through the door of the Chicago Cultural Center and find our way to a sunny yellow room. My husband, friends and I are here to see The Happy Show, an exhibit by graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. Part personal journal and part psychological research, The Happy Show visually depicts one man’s pursuit of happiness.

Here are a few of my Happy Show highlights…

– 50% of our happiness comes from genetics (a set point that we tend to return to but can influence), 40% come from things we consciously choose to do (ex: exercise), and 10% comes from factors we can’t choose (ex: age). So we can influence our overall happiness a lot.

– In a survey of what made people happiest, going to a religious service ranked highest and watching TV ranked lowest.

– There are two kinds of love: passionate and companionate. Passionate love is what we experience when we first “fall in love” and biologically can only last six months. Companionate love is what can last a lifetime.

– Once you can buy life’s basic essentials like food and clothing, an increase in salary has very little correlation with an increase in happiness.

– “Self confidence is not just good for myself. When my own self confidence is high I’m much more use to other people This is also true for those of my friends who are self confident: They are more helpful, less neurotic and I can count on them more.” — Stefan Sagmeister, The Happy Show

I love learning about what makes people truly happy because I see God’s hands and heart all over it. What other resources, books, personal insights, etc. can you share with me?

Go forth and be happy, friend.


Holley Gerth

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About Holley

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