Where’s God When It Rains?

Rain on Me Umbrella

From  Rain on Me: Devotions of Hope and Encouragement for Difficult Times

A few years ago, I read the book Captivating by Stasi Eldridge. In one part she challenges women to ask God how He’s showing them His love.

I was at the beginning of my storm during that time but still far enough into it to feel a bit abandoned. So I initially balked at the question.

 Finally, with a sigh, I silently asked, “Lord, how in the world are You showing me You love me right now?”

In an instant the answer came. I gently sensed God say to my heart, “I’m walking through the rain with you and I’m giving you my umbrella.”

My mind flashed back to a day in college when an unexpected storm swept in while I was in class. I dreaded the long trek home. As I exited my classroom, I couldn’t believe what I saw. My boyfriend Mark (who is now my husband) stood waiting for me with a smile on his face and an umbrella in his hand. He had come to walk me through the rain. It’s still one of the sweetest and most loving things anyone has ever done for me.

Of course, the best part of the walk home that day was staying right beside Mark. Umbrellas aren’t very big and the closer you get, the drier you stay. It’s the same way with God.

I know what’s it’s like to want to run away into the rain as fast as you can. I’ve done exactly that many times. But the sweetest moments in my journey have come when I’ve chosen to stay under God’s umbrella and let Him wrap His loving arms around me. 

Being under God’s umbrella still isn’t like a walk in the park on a sunny day. But there’s an intimacy to it that we may look back on with longing one day. We’ve all heard people say, “I’m glad that time in my life is over…but I sometimes miss how close I felt to God.”

God is waiting outside the door of your heart to walk you through the rain. This may not be what you would have chosen but it will be a journey you’ll always remember.


After a time of great difficulty, God tells His chosen people that He will bless them with His presence and, “It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.” ISAIAH 4:6 NIV


How is God showing you his love right now?

What do you think God is saying to your heart today?

Are you choosing to stay under God’s umbrella or running into the storm? Why?


Lord, thank You for Your love. Sometimes it’s hard to see in the midst of all this rain. I pray You will show me how You’re taking care of me today. I especially need You to___________________. Amen.


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