Wherever You are Now, You Have Something to Offer

Sixteen food trucks circle the wide open field. I read the locations on the side…Buffalo, Toronto, New York City. Over miles and across borders these folks have brought what they have to offer. And as I bite into a chocolate-hazelnut cupcake, I smile because we’re clearly all benefiting.

I like the idea of food trucks. Wherever you go, you have something to offer.

And in case you didn’t know, you’re kinda like a food truck.

We’re all called to feed the hearts around us. Give us this day our daily bread, says the line in the Lord’s prayer. What we receive isn’t just for us.

And it isn’t just for one particular place.

Wherever you are right now, you’re bringing what God has given you to offer right along with you.

Your home.

Your office.

Your church.

Your community.

Across the world.

It’s not just when we sit in a pew on Sunday. It’s not just when we’re in front of our keyboards writing. It’s not just when we’re volunteering or going out of our way to make a difference.

It’s all the time, everywhere, just as you are.

I don’t know what you’ve got inside–what your version of a food truck might be. But I can tell you this…it’s going to meet a need. Because God put it there.

So roll down the road of life and see where He takes you. And when someone with a hungry heart crosses your path and God calls, fling open the doors and hold out your hands.

Then trust that whatever has been entrusted to you is what’s needed in that moment. And that it’s good.

Chocolate-hazelnut cupcake good.




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Cupcake picture taken by AriGateaux

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About Holley

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