Who do you say He is?

God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for more of what God has for you.

photo by ms.Tea

photo by ms.Tea

We’re opening the door to God-sized dreams in 2013. So every week we get together to encourage each other {because don’t we all need it? yes, ma’am.}. This week Kristin Morris is here to share about God-sized dreams with you…

Who do you say He is?

Almost exactly a year ago, my pastor taught on this passage:

Once when Jesus was praying in private and his disciples were with him, he asked them, “Who do the crowds say I am?”
They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, that one of the prophets of long ago has come back to life.”

“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Peter answered, “God’s Messiah.”
Luke 9:18-22

And then it happened. The Gospel got personal. “But what about you?” the pastor asked us.

“Who do you say He is?”
Almost immediately my heart cried out, “He is all I need.”

That’s easy to say. Much harder to live out.

Shortly after that message, I sat down with my journal and had a massive confession session with God. I was unashamedly honest with Him about my frustrations and fears, many of which were financial in nature. In fact, I spelled it all out for Him so He wouldn’t miss a thing. I made a list of 25 hurdles that weighed heavy on my heart and mind. I got downright specific, attaching dollar figures and everything. I saw no earthly way to overcome them, but I told God that I trusted Him anyway.

And I offered this feeble proclamation at the end of each confession: He is all I need.

At the time I confessed these things, I was just a little over a year into a new journey with the hubs. God had called us into a creative arts ministry together. It required us to leave the comforts and securities of a corporate paycheck with benefits, and rely solely on God for our provision.

My initial thoughts on the idea went something like this: Seriously, God? Ministry and art? I was sure we would starve.

With a mortgage and two young children, that just flat out required more faith than I had built up over my entire lifetime. Good thing the hubs’ faith covered what mine lacked.

It made no financial sense, but we knew in our hearts it was what God was asking. Some people thought we were crazy. It felt crazy to us, too, but we were obedient anyway. And now we had made it a whole year in this God-sized dream trusting Him for our every need. (Daily bread, if you know what I mean.) Apparently, there wasn’t a better way for us to learn to trust Him wholeheartedly. He had to remove the “securities” we had always relied upon so we would put total trust in the One who gave it all to us in the first place.

A year ago I cried as I confessed my frustration and fears to my ever-capable God. And a year later, my eyes well up again as I realize that He has taken care of almost every single one of them.

But not just sort of. Completely.

He is all I need.

Who do you say He is?


Kristin Morris and her husband Brent are co- founders of set apart, a creative arts ministry that uses art and creativity to share the Gospel and to help people do what God created them to do. Learn more or get involved at www.setapartkc.com.


Now it’s your turn!

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For next week take this “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream: Find a way to pay it forward. You’ve been encouraged in your God-sized dreams by your sisters here the last few months. How can you spread that encouragement forward by investing in other dreamers? It can be small and simple or BIG and wild. Ask God what you can do and get creative. Then write a post about what you’re doing and link up here next week. {If you don’t have a blog, you can share what you did in the comments.} There will be a special giveaway when you do!


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