Why you just can’t take me anywhere…

Hearts and Stars photo by D Sharon Pruitt (flickr creative commons) I walked into the men’s room.

I broke conference property.

And they still invited me back.

If that’s not proof that the Indianapolis Christian Writers conference is a place of grace, then I don’t know what is. The mishaps above happened two years ago (you can read about them in this post).

So as I packed my bags last weekend I determined in my heart that I would be on my very best behavior this time around.

I should have known better.

I’m proud to say I did steer clear of the men’s room and the only property I damaged was my own.

At the airport, I let go of my suitcase handle for a bit and it slid all the way down the escalator. In slow motion. With people watching.




Every time I’d try to go get it, it would slide down a few more steps and I would go up a few more feet. Sigh. A sweet girl finally had mercy (after she stopped laughing hysterically, I’m sure) and brought my bag to me.

Friday evening I headed back to the hotel after teaching a workshop. I walked up to the desk and after looking at me for a moment, the girl said, “You’re all checked in–here’s your key.” I hadn’t even said my name.

I joked to a friend that I must be so famous that I didn’t need identification now. Hahaha. Hilarious. When I got to my room, I took off my coat and realized I was still wearing my name tag. Yes, ma’am. That’s how it works: if you wear a name tag in public then people know who you are without you telling them. Amazing.

And, finally, Becky (hello, dear Becky!) who is a Heart-to-Heart reader introduced herself to me at the conference. She even gave me a present–a fabulous candle that looks like a piece of candy. Y’all when she gave it to me I was tired and hungry. I was about to unwrap that thing and eat it right there when Becky kindly said, “Um, it’s a candle.” Bless you, sweet Becky!

At the end of one of my workshops I said…

There is a message inside you that only you can share.

We don’t get a second chance at it.

There is no back-up plan in God’s agenda.

You’re the world’s one shot at what God has placed within you.

I’m saying the same to all of you. You may not share it through words as a writer but you’re called to share it in some way.

And the really good news?

It’s about the message and not the messenger. And I continue to produce proof that if God can use me then He can most certainly use you.

Yes, amen, and pass the chocolate candle.

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written with love for you by holley

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About Holley

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