What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Years Ago…

Dear younger me...

Dear Younger Me,

You’re graduating and it feels like you know everything, or perhaps like you know nothing at all. What’s actually true is probably somewhere in the middle. So let’s just make a deal that we’ll always keep learning.

You’re fixated on the starting line of college or a career. But moving forward is not really about getting a job. You already have a job. It’s to become all God created you to be. You’ve had it since you drew in your first breath and you’ll have it until you release your last. Everything in between is just about assignments, different experiences that will help with the becoming.

Work of any kind can be a holy, sacred thing. It can be just as much worship as church singing on a Sunday morning. Sometimes maybe more. So don’t let anyone trick you into believing what you’re on earth to do can easily be printed on a business card or typed in neat lines on a resume. You are on this earth to be—which is really just another way of saying you’re here to love and be loved.

It is okay to have a lot to do, especially if it aligns with who you’re created to be and what you’re called to accomplish. But beware of being busy. Don’t hustle—you don’t have to. You are enough as you are and those who find you lacking will not be satisfied no matter how you stretch yourself to meet their expectations. Better to know that right away and let them go looking elsewhere for a human pretzel.

Also, there’s no use fighting who you are because it’s not going to change much. You’re only going to become more you. So lean into it. Pay attention to it. Your greatest strengths might be in the places you think you’re least likely to find them now.

A related side note: When it comes to who you choose to have in your life, pick quality over quantity. Know your worth—and only choose to let people deeply know you if they see it too.

Of all the folks who will come in and out of your life, you only get to keep two for the whole ride: yourself and Jesus. So it makes good sense to learn to treat yourself with the same courtesy you show others.

You are actually quite wonderful. Have the courage to start believing this because contrary to what you imagine, it will humble you. It will make you lift your hands in praise to the One who made you. And then extend those same hands to bless those around you. This does not seem like it would be true but in the upside-down Kingdom it is so.

“I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well.” (Ps. 139:14 NCV)

You really are going to be okay. More than okay, actually.

I’m cheering for you…




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About Holley

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