Let’s Love Our Women’s Ministry Leaders

Dear Women's Ministry Leaders, you're loved and appreciated.

October is Ministry Appreciation Month and I’ve especially been thinking of Women’s Ministry Leaders. I’ve personally been impacted by women in this role and I imagine you have too! Let’s take time to celebrate women’s ministry leaders this month. One way you can do so is by sharing the letter below on social media and tagging your women’s ministry leader…


Dear Women’s Ministry Leader,

October is Ministry Appreciation Month and we’re thinking of you. When you come to mind, we picture a smile that welcomes others. We imagine your head nodding and tilted to the side as you listen. We hear your laugh and the way you say “amen” at the end of a prayer. We can feel the warmth of your hugs.

What you do isn’t easy, especially in today’s world. It’s a brave thing to keep your heart open, to come alongside other women, to show us what it looks like to love like Jesus. Having a soft heart in a hard world is an act of courage. Choosing connection over competition and authenticity over isolation are the kind of choices warriors make. You’re sweet, yes, and also strong—a woman who is here for such a time as this. You’re a light in the dark, a hope-bringer to the hurting, a woman who doesn’t give in or give up.

Even the mightiest among us can use encouragement now and then. So hear this from our hearts: You’re making a difference. What you do matters. You help change lives. We’re better, braver and more in love with Jesus because you said “yes” to His invitation to lead us.

We feel this way all through the year but right now seemed like the right moment to pause and put it into words you can read and remember, that you can tuck away and pull out again any time you need a reminder of what’s true.

You are loved. You are a gift. We’re so grateful for you.

Holley Gerth


Hope Your Heart NeedsThank You Gift: If you’re looking for a Ministry Appreciation gift for your Women’s Ministry Leader (or any other woman who’s making a difference in your life) my new devotional Hope Your Heart Needs would be a great fit.

And if you’re a Women’s Ministry Leader at your church I’d like to personally send you a copy of Hope Your Heart Needs: 52 Encouraging Reminders of How God Cares for You, as appreciation for how you’re serving. Books will be given to the first 150 Women’s Ministry Leaders to complete this form.


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