In his mid-fifties, my Poppi opened the first Christian bookstore in his area. He sold his share of an auto-paint business to do so, trading stability for the unknown rather than retiring. He showed up at that bookstore almost every day for decades and finally sold it at age eighty-five.

I wasn’t even born when the bookstore began, so he couldn’t have known the impact his “yes” to God would have on me. He couldn’t yet see me curled up in the back room with a stack of books, a little girl with a big imagination. He didn’t know one day I would be writing those books instead of just reading them. Sometimes I wonder, would my path have unfolded in the same way if he had said “no” when God asked him to start that bookstore?

We don’t know who our “yes” is really for, how it will open doors for other people, the ways it will change our legacy. What if the thing God is asking you to do is really the first step in a divine dream that won’t fully be fulfilled for a dozen generations?

God’s will isn’t a ticking time bomb; it’s an eternal invitation.

Sometimes we can feel like we’ve waited too long. We’ve missed the train of destiny. Too many years have gone by, too many other people have already done what we wanted to, maybe we don’t have the energy or enthusiasm we used to when the dream first came to us.

But as long as we’re living, breathing, and willing then God can use us. Oh, the path may look different now than if we’d stepped onto it years ago. What matters is that we still choose to go. Because it’s not just about us—it’s about the ripples across the pond of history that we may never see. God’s will isn’t a ticking time bomb; it’s an eternal invitation.

You are not too late.
Your worth won’t expire;
your gifts don’t have a “use by” date.

When is the best time in our lives to say “yes” to God? It’s not when we’re young. It’s not when we’re old. It’s whatever age we are right now, in this very moment.

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About Holley

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