Have you ever said this?

“I know I’m called to write but I feel overwhelmed.”
“I’ve started a writing project but I keep getting stuck.”
“I love to write but the creative process often feels lonely.”
“I’ve tried to keep up with all the industry trends and I’m exhausted.”
“I’ve been learning for a long time, but I’m ready to launch.”
“I know what to do, but wish I had someone to walk with me.”

It’s time to finally find the path to success as a writer that works for YOU and is sustainable for a lifetime.

Join the Write for Life Mastermind led by Suzanne (Suzie) Eller and Holley Gerth, bestselling authors, speakers, and podcasters with over forty years of combined experience.

Write for Life is not designed to keep you as a member for life, but to launch you as a writer for life.

Social media won’t tell you this…

There’s a proven path to true success as a writer that isn’t based on just “building your platform” or trying to keep up with the latest trends. 

We’ll teach it to you in 12 exclusive sessions and your creative work will never be the same again. 

There is a Better Way to Be a Writer

Do creative work that you love.
Experience success that’s sustainable.
Get unstuck in the short-term.
Avoid burnout in the long-term.
It’s time to become a writer for life.

Someone Needs  Your Words

Imagine writing what God puts on your heart. You share it with the people you’re called to serve and hear things like…

“God used your word to change my life.”
“That was exactly what I needed to hear.”

Achieve Your Writing Goals


Gain clarity about who you are as writer


Understand exactly who you’re called to serve


Create a plan for completing your most important project


Identity obstacles and know how to overcome them


Consistently post on social media in a way that’s sustainable


Explore how to share your message in multiple ways (book, podcast, course, and more)


Get support and guidance not only from Suzie and Holley but a group of your peers

What the Mastermind includes:


12 Sessions on Zoom with Suzie, Holley, and your fellow Mastermind Members

(8 facilitated sessions, 4 Q & A sessions)


An exclusive proprietary curriculum developed by Suzie and Holley


Specific assignments that move you forward step-by-step


Personalized feedback of up to 10 pages of your current project

By the end of the Mastermind, you will have confidence to take your next steps!

What makes this different from other available programs?

  • Write For Life Mastermind is limited to 10 writers – We’ve created a welcoming and personal experience where you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Specific timelines – Write For Life is not designed to keep you as a member for life, but to launch you as a writer for life.
  • Consistency – You will have the same experienced coaches/mentors throughout the entire process.
  • Relationships – You’ll build meaningful connections with your writing peers and coaches.
  • Step-by-step process – Rather than a smorgasbord of different learning experiences, the proprietary Write for Life Mastermind helps you move step-by-step toward your goals.
  • Trusted and vetted resources – We’ve curated what’s most helpful to save you time, money, and energy.

    As an added bonus, one Write for Life member will be connected to an agent or publisher for further evaluation of their project.

    The Details

    We’ll Help You Become a Writer for Life

    It can be easy to look at writers on social media and think, “It must have been easy for her to get where she is now.” But there’s always more to the story. 

    The two of us are so grateful to have published over forty books, launched podcasts with over 1.6 million downloads, and spoken to audiences all over the globe of up to eight thousand people. 

    But we also know what it’s like to get rejection letters, battle discouragement, feel overwhelmed in our work, and wonder if we’re the only one who’s struggling.

    We’ve learned a lot the hard way—and we don’t want you to have to do the same. We want to come alongside to help birth your dream. We’ll share our best practices, our worst mistakes, and so much more with you. It took us over forty years of combined experience to know what we do now, but you only need 12 weeks!


    Suzanne Eller

    • ECPA bestselling author
    • Published 12 books, collaborated on more than 20, author of hundreds of articles
    • Mentored writers in established ministry/writing programs for over a decade
    • Cohost of More than Small Talk podcast
    • Host of Prayer Starters podcast

    Holley Gerth

    • Wall Street Journal bestselling author
    • Published over 20 books 
    • Experience as a counselor and life coach
    • Card and gift line with DaySpring 
    • Cofounder of (in)courage 
    • Cohost of More than Small Talk podcast

    The Value of the Mastermind

    • Going to a writers conference (fee to attend + travel) = $2500
    • Hiring a writing coach one-on-one = $2500 
    • Joining a writing cohort = $3000
    • Eight writing classes online = $2000
    • Four Q&A sessions with writing coach = $750
    • Feedback on current project (up to 10 pages) = $500
    • Total Value = $11,250

      And one more thing. . . 

      As an added bonus, one Write for Life member will be connected to an agent or publisher for further evaluation of their project.

      Value = priceless

      We’ve combined all of these into ONE MASTERMIND! 


      Your Investment:


      Space is limited to only 10 writers.


      The Mastermind is now full!

      Fill out an application to be added to the waiting list.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do I have to have a project in mind?

       Yes, we recommend that you have a specific project in mind so you can get the most out of the Mastermind.

      Can I pay in installments?

       You can pay through a credit card, which allows you to manage how you cover the cost. 

      Is the fee refundable?

      No, because you will have one of ten exclusive spots and receive proprietary content as well as our time, the fee is not refundable.

      How long are the coaching calls?

      The coaching calls will be one hour. 

      What if I can’t make the coaching calls?

      If you have to miss a call, you will be able to view a recording of it. 

      You are only taking 10 clients at a time, why is that?

      We value quality over quantity, and believe a smaller size will maximize the group benefits for each member.

      If the Mastermind is full, can I be on the waiting list?

      Yes! Fill out your application today and if the Mastermind is full, you’ll be added to a waiting list of writers being considered for future groups.