Your Worth is Beyond What You Know

photo by Orin Zebest

photo by Orin Zebest


My husband and I flip through channels and land on a reality show about a pawn shop. We’re intrigued when a woman hands over a fistful of jewels. “My grandmother left them to me,” she explains. The owners of the store begin to debate. One instantly declares they’re worthless–only glass. Another isn’t so quick to dismiss them. “Let’s call in an expert,” he says, “We’ll let him decide.”

In the next scene the expert stands over the microscope. He leans in and quickly pushes aside several of the gems. Then he pauses and beckons to the owner who wanted the evaluation. “Take a look at this,” he says. When the owner pulls back from the microscope he declares, “We’re going to change this woman’s life.”

Because that’s what happens when the worth of what you have to offer is recognized. It turns out that, yes, several of the jewels were simply glass rocks. But one was a large ruby. Until someone in authority declared the value that ruby seemed like all the rest. Now it would never be seen the same way again.

You are walking through life holding gems in your hand. They’re your strengths, gifts, and all that God has placed within you. The world will try to dismiss them. “Nothing special.” “Won’t amount to anything.” “Not good enough.” But hopefully your heart pauses and says, “Wait a minute. Let’s call in someone who can truly evaluate the worth.” That’s when Jesus comes enters the picture. He leans over your life and declares, “Priceless!”

And it’s not just one of the jewels. All the pieces of who you are have value.

Imagine if the owners of the pawn shop told the woman of their discovery and she said, “I’m sorry. I don’t believe you. All my life everyone I’ve met has treated this like glass. I just can’t accept that it’s a ruby. Just throw it in the trash with the others.” We’d probably jump up off the couch and holler at the TV, “Believe it! Believe it!”

And that’s what I’m hollering to your heart today, “Believe it! Believe it!” Pretty please with sugar on top dare to accept that what Jesus says about you is genuine–that you a treasure, of great worth, a woman with infinite value. No matter what anyone says. No matter what you’ve done. No matter how you feel.

It’s true.

On the show the woman stands wide-eyed for a moment and then reacts with emotion fitting to such a find: JOY. Her life has changed because her perspective is different.

It can be that way for us too.

Are you wondering about your worth today?

Then ask the One who loves you to show you what’s real.



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