You’re Beautiful…Just As You Are {Coffee for Your Heart}

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Beauty by Holley Gerth

Dear You,

I wish I could hold a mirror in front of your face and your heart today. I imagine you would be quick to point out what you might call “flaws.” You’d tell me what you’d like to change or how this or that could be a bit better. You’d look at me, expecting me to nod in agreement, but instead I’d smile and shake my head.

We live in a world that tries to define beauty. But I don’t believe beauty is meant to be defined.

Instead it’s meant to be found.

And it can be, if only we have the eyes to see it. Next time you go to the mirror, will you do me a favor? Instead of looking with eyes that are critical and comparing, look with eyes of love and grace.

Then go out and do the same for your sisters. Look into their eyes and tell them that they are beautiful. Look into their hearts and encourage all that is lovely and true. Ask God to help you see this world and those in it from his perspective.

Instead of looking into mirrors to see what we wish could be different, let’s become mirrors for others that reflect God’s love and grace.

You’re made in the image of God and you’re truly beautiful.


Holley Gerth

{inspired by Prov 31:30-31, Eccl 3:11, Gen 1:26, adapted from If We Could Have Coffee…(ebook)}

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You’re Beautiful Just As You Are {Coffee for Your Heart} from Holley Gerth on Vimeo.


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About Holley

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