You’re Going to Be Okay {New Book Releasing Today!}

If your life isn’t perfect, this is for you.

If you’ve ever been disappointed, this is for you.

If you sometimes have bad hair days, this is for you.

If you dreamed a big dream and then watched it fall apart, this is for you.

If you are human and live in a fallen world, this is for you.

You're Going to Be Okay Cover

She tucks her head in her hands for just a moment then looks up with a sigh. “It’s been a tough day,” she whispers with a half smile. I nod in agreement, touch her hand with mine. “I just need to know…” she continues, “I just need to know I’m going to be okay.”

Don’t we all?

I remember being a newlywed with a husband trying to figure out how to help. He would offer advice and solutions with such good intentions. Finally I stopped him and said, “This is what I need to hear: Just tell me I’m going to be okay.”

I hear the same from women all across the world. In conversations, emails, as a life coach, when I speak, during the time I worked as a counselor. We don’t want more “how-to” or to be told what to do. When life surprises us, smacks us on the behind, runs away with our dreams it’s our hearts that are left standing there hurting. Our heads know the truth. We understand what’s supposed to make it right in that moment. But somehow even the truth can ring hollow sometimes.

So what do we do then? Is it even possible to live with joy, resilience, and strength in this broken world? After connecting with thousands of women about this topic, searching Scripture, and through my own journey I can say without reservation: YES.

And it’s not just possible, it’s what God desires for you.

Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

Take heart.

That’s how we can deal with the dog messing up the rug and the devil messing up our lives. How we can face little irritations and life’s big tragedies and still thrive. How we can bounce back faster and fall down less. How we can spend more of our time living and less of our time regretting. And that’s what I want to share with you in my new book.

Is it easy? Nope. Nothing worthwhile ever is. But it’s worth it. Research shows that almost half of our happiness can be contributed to one factor: you. How you react to life turns out to be far more important than what life throws at you. When you decide to take charge of your heart, everything changes because you change.

You are stronger than you know.

You are loved more than you realize.

You are part of a greater plan and nothing can stop God’s purposes for you.

You’re going to be okay. 

I promise.

And what’s even more important…God promises too.

Take heart, friend. Good things are ahead.


Holley Gerth


You’re Going to Be Okay releases today and it’s for you and every woman in your life who’s ever faced a bad day or hard time. It will change your life and the lives of those you love if you let it. Promise.


p.s. I’m kicking off a book study of You’re Going to Be Okay on the facebook group Women Leading Women. {The term “leading” is used loosely–if you’re an encourager then you’re a leader too.} Click the link above to join us.

I’m also on (in)courage today!

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About Holley

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