You’re Going to Get There–One Way or Another

Spring break is in the air and it seems everyone I know is heading somewhere. Imagine if a friend asked me, “Where are you going?” And I replied, “Highway 12.” She’d probably smile a bit and ask again, “I mean what’s your destination?”

Similar conversations happen all the time.

Where are you going as a writer? “Publishing a book.”

Where are you going as a speaker? “Conference keynotes.”

Where are you going with your job? “A promotion.”

In much the same way, I often smile a bit and ask again, “I mean what’s your destination?” Usually that leads to confused looks and a helpful conversation. It’s one I love having with women, especially {e}coaching clients, because it’s one that personally changed my life. I used to think the route and the destination were the same thing. But they’re not.

God has called me to encourage women: that’s my destination.

Publishing a book is one route.

Writing on this blog is another.

{e}coaching is still one more way.

If I woke up tomorrow and found written communication had been completely roadblocked for me I would still have the same calling. I’d just need to get creative about finding a new way to get there. When I think about the late-late years of my life, I picture myself sitting at the retirement center, leaning over a cookie that’s easy to chew and saying, “You have a God-sized dream, Gertrude! It’s not too late!” As long as I’m alive, I’m going to find ways to encourage women. I’m committed to a destination not to a particular pathway.

That’s freeing because it means that obstacles don’t have to stop us, dead ends can turn into new directions, and we can’t fail because one way or another we’re going to get there.

YOU are going to get there.

Yes, of course, it’s discouraging when we plan for a particular route only to find the way blocked by road construction. But if we’re on our way to the vacation of a lifetime we don’t turn the car around and say, “Well, I guess that didn’t work out.” We don’t feel ashamed or like a failure. We just think, “Okay, time for a new strategy.” Or as my bossy little GPS says, “Recalculating.”

I don’t say this lightly. I know the ache and hurt and resilience it takes to keep going. When my husband and I started down the road to having physical children and God revealed that our route to bringing life into the world would happen in a completely different way–through words–it took some getting used to and I had some long conversations with God that included many tears. But having made it to the Promised Land in that area of my life I can say with all my joyful heart that it has been so worth it. And I’m so glad I let God redirect me. His plans were so much better than what I mapped out.

You’re going to get there, friend, one way or another.

Keep going.

And know that you’re being cheered on with love every bit of the way.




p.s. Sometimes when we’re really focused on the destination we can miss the journey along the way. Tomorrow in our God-sized dreams link-up we’ll be sharing: What’s a typical day in your life like right now? How can you see God’s hand in the middle of the “small” and ordinary too?


Just for You

Two of my favorite creative women in the whole wide world are Dee Kasberger from Red Letter Words and Lisa Leonard {who makes fabulous jewelry}. I know many of you love them too! So when I had the chance to team up with them and DaySpring to bring you some new ways to be encouraged in your God-sized dreams journey I was thrilled. Here’s what we created together with you in mind…

God-sized Dreams Gifts 2

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You can find all three on and get 25% on any or all of them with coupon code holley25 until March 31st {psst…these would make great Graduation and Mother’s Days gifts for the dreamers you want to encourage too}. I’m so excited that Dee, Lisa and I get to be in your homes and hearts in these new ways. Every time you look at these I hope you think of us cheering wildly for you and your God-sized dreams!

About Holley

About Holley

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I like humans, words, and good coffee. And I’d love to help you beat what’s holding you back, become all you’re created to be, and kick butt for the greater good.

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