Surprise! You’re Loved More than You Know Today

photo by stevefaeembra

photo by stevefaeembra

Have you ever longed to feel love just as you are? I have.

I remember one morning I wasn’t wearing any make-up. My hair was a mess. The early morning sunlight streamed through the kitchen window and my husband looks up over his coffee to say, “Hey, beautiful.” 

I will never understand this. How love can look past the immediate and see in one glance not just what’s right in front it but the essence of a person. Yes, he sees me standing in the doorway but somehow he also still sees the girl standing at the altar in a white dress too.

Solomon said, “Love covers all wrongs.”

My husband can see past the tangled hair, the sleepy eyes, the ragged shirt because of love.

And he’s not the only one.

God sees us that way too. We stand in front of Him with our messy lives, our bare souls and we are certain that there isn’t any beauty to behold.

Then He catches us by surprise, looks our way and says, “Hey, beautiful.”

Yes, husband or not, if you have given your life and heart to Jesus then you are loved that way too.

Loved by the God who flung the stars into space, who called your name before you ever came into being, who pursues you relentlessly and passionately.

“As women, we are experts at earning the affections of friends, lovers, children and our families. Coming face-to-face with a God who loves us unconditionally sets us off balance….It’s scary to believe in God’s unconditional love. What if it’s not true? Then the deepest desire of every little girl and every grown woman can never be a reality.

We watch Cinderella and hope for our own version of living happily ever after. But life disappoints us, and God is our last chance to be fully, deeply loved. So we do everything possible to please Him because even though we’ve endured many rejections, His would be unbearable.

But God is whispering the words to our hearts we long to hear if only we can dare to believe them: ‘You are loved–deeply, truly, always.’ “–God’s Heart for You: Embracing Your True Worth as a Woman

No matter how it may feel, you are seen through eyes of love. You are chosen, wanted, cherished right now and forever after.

No make-up. Messy hair. Messy life too.

It’s all made beautiful by the One who loves you.

I pray His love catches you out of the blue in a new way today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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About Holley

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