4 Strategies Introverts Can Use to Get the Most Out of Groups

Do you feel more comfortable in one-on-one conversations than in a group?

Because of the way our brains are wired, introverts are often at our best when we can focus deeply on one person at a time. But that isn’t always possible.

So whether you’re getting together with family or going into a big meeting at work, here are some tips and tricks to help.

4 Introvert Strategies for Being in Groups

4 Introvert Strategies for Being in Groups

1) Prepare before you get there. One of the greatest strengths of introverts is intentionality. Before you go to an event, find out everything you can about it. What’s the schedule? Who will be there? Then set a specific goal like, “Have a meaningful conversation with one person.”

2) Come up with questions that truly interest you. Create go-to questions that will get you past small talk like, “What’s making you happy lately? What are you enjoying reading/watching/listening to? What are you excited about working on right now?”

3) Focus on quantity over quality. We’re often told to “work the room” yet for introverts fewer but deeper connections are usually more satisfying. Decide the minimum amount of connections that will make the event feel worthwhile for you, even if it’s just one.

4) Honor your “done” point and plan for recovery time. When your inner voice tells you “that’s enough for now” pay attention to it. It’s okay to go home early or take a break. If you have a group event, plan for downtime afterward to recover through restorative activities like solitude or sleep.

When it comes to group events what matters most is honoring who you are as an introvert. Resist the urge to compare yourself to others. Instead use your much-needed strengths of intentionality, listening well, creating meaningful connections, and strategic self-care.

Introverts, don’t underestimate your role in a group conversation. Even if you listen more than you speak, you are still a valuable asset—and very much needed balance in a world that never stops talking. – Adiyel Fernandes

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Holley Gerth

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