7 Secrets to Overcoming Fear: {2} Find Your Joy

She curls her toes over the edge of the diving board and peers into the water below. Pink bathing suit. Pink goggles. Pink rubber bands holding soggy pigtails in place. She’s not exactly the picture of courage but just when it seems she’s going to back down…she grins and instead leaps up, up, up and over the edge.

JOY is a powerful motivator.

And it always trumps fear.

We know that as kids. But somewhere along the way we forget how much it’s true. We start believing life is serious business and getting rid of fear requires intensity and determination.

Not always.

Sometimes it’s as simple as rediscovering our joy, embracing our passion, taking the hand of the Good-Gift-Giver and daring to follow him over the edge.

What do you really love?

What makes you feel joy in a way that nothing else does?

Where do you feel God’s presence more than anywhere else (because where he is, joy is too)?

When fear tells you to turn back–to stop following that dream, taking that step, making that difference–run toward joy.

Because, here’s the secret, fear has a fear of joy.

And it won’t dare to follow you when you jump heart first over that edge.



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About Holley

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