7 Secrets to Overcoming Fear: {3} Make Friends with Failure

I stared at the baking dish sitting on the counter. When I cocked my head sideways and squinted, the round pieces of dough sitting on top of it almost looked edible.

I reached out to touch one. Hard as a rock.

I offered it to the dog. She whined. I sighed.

What in the world had gone wrong?

This is how shortcakes are supposed to look. These are not my shortcakes.

My in-laws waited in the other room for the strawberry shortcake I’d promised. How to explain the outcome of my fool-proof dessert? Hours later I realized I’d used flour insead of bisquik. Huh.

What I learned that day:

1) How to make paper weights

2) Even the dog has limits to her digestion

3) Failure isn’t the end of the world–it’s just the end of that experiment

Sure, we face far weightier outcomes than my shortcakes-gone-wrong But even in the big failures of life, there are lessons to be learned, experiences to take with us, and a hearty dose of remembering that we are not God.

God made the universe. I can’t make shortcakes. Enough said.

When we refuse to make friends with failure, our fear sky rockets because then we have to succeed every time. And that’s impossible. Once we realize that, the only sure path to success is not to try. And that’s unacceptable.

We’ve got a lot to offer. Maybe not shortcakes–but something.

Something good and worthwhile and God-given.

The Secret: Let failure be your friend. Then go change the world together. Every success has failure somewhere in the back story too.



{Someone sent me a note sharing about starting the God’s Heart for You devotional today because it has 40 days and 40 days from now is Easter. I thought that was a lovely idea so I’m sharing it with you too!}

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