7 Secrets to Overcoming Fear: {4} Don’t Go It Alone

The other night around a table piled high with chips and cheese dip, the topic of conversation among my girlfriends turned to what we do when our husbands are out of town and we’re scared at night. In short, we act crazy.

I station my beagle-basset outside the bedroom door (yes, that’s her in the picture. ferocious, huh?)

Another friend rehearses elaborate escape plans involving jumping over the neighbor’s fence.

Others confessed to leaving the TV on all night just to have something to blame for strange noises.

By the end we giggled at our highly impractical schemes and wondered why the CIA hasn’t recruited any of us yet. But beyond our silliness, a truth remained: fear decreases when we’re not alone.

The same is true for other areas of life as well. We’ve all been single at some point and many of us are not married at the moment. Fortunately, husbands aren’t the only fear-fighters out there. Family, friends, mentors and more can do the job too.

What matters is having someone alongside you so that when things go bump in the night of your heart you can ask “What was that?!?” and here truth in response.

We’ve got this idea that we need to do things on our own. But even Jesus sent our his disciples two by two. I’d like to think part of the reason is because they were scared silly at what might come their way. (But can’t you imagine Peter triple-dog-daring someone to do a miracle?)

The Secret: We’re braver together in the dark and daylight too.



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