7 Secrets to Overcoming Fear: {5} Be Where You Are

The team snatches a note from a small envelope. Inside are clues to the next destination. They talk strategy as they hurry past the Eiffel Tower.

Eventually, the make it to the next stop a continent away. What they thought would be the end of their journey only leads to another envelope, another set of clues.

With the glory of Africa in the background behind them, they talk of needing to get there, get there, get there.

At last they make it to the final destination.

The prize? A trip around the world.

The surprise? They’ve already taken it.

Faces shift as they slowly realized that what they were striving for was right in front of them all along. And in the stress of trying to make progress, they missed it.

We all do the same. We tell ourselves…

When the project is done.

When the kids graduate.

When the book is published.

But when we reach that place we find it’s not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it’s just the starting point for the next leg of the journey. We won’t be done until we’re Home in heaven–and we’re realize then that the ultimate destination is not a place but a Person–and he has been with us all along.

When we give up the race of trying to reach that one thing we can let go of so much fear too. Failure isn’t as threating. Time doesn’t tick as fast. Setbacks become opportunities to slow down and enjoy what’s right here.

The Secret: We don’t have to fear not getting there (wherever “there” is for us) because we’re already exactly where we need to be today.



p.s. I’m also over at my friend Lindsey’s place talking about Relentless Love today.

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