A little tour of Alaska…and some big ol’ thoughts

I need your help. That crazy hood covered my ears. What was this fish saying?


Fish Lips

I hear you, girl. You just go right ahead and keep on giggling! There’s more to come–silly and serious. Because you know even on vacation my life is one mishap and/or spiritual analogy after another!

Here are a few favorite thoughts and photos from the trip…

Family Flyout

Alaska Flyout & Fishing Trip

Left to right: My Dad-in-law Terry, Dad – Don, Hubby – Mark, Brother – Stephen, Mom-in-law Marsha, me, Mom – Lyn, Sis-in-law Amber.

We went on a flyout trip over a beautiful stretch of wildnerness and a gorgeous glacier. When we landed, we set out in little boats and caught these silver salmon! Who knew I was such an outdoorsy girl? Not me!

On the flight, I thought about how we don’t have to reach the tops of our mountains (dreams) on our own. Thankfully for us, God says, “Get on board, girl, and I’ll make you soar!” Our job is faithfulness…He’ll do the flying!

Barrier Islands

Barrier Island

On another day, we took a short cruise out of Seward. The guide pointed out these barrier islands and said their purpose is to keep the port from experiencing the full force of the storm.

I thought of the storm in my life the last few years and how God has provided barrier islands for my heart too–people, moments of joy, just the right moment. Yes, storms blow in but we don’t get the full impact. Thank you, God.  

Big Ol’ Mountains

Alaska Mountain

We saw so many huge mountains in Alaska. They’re breathtaking. I found myself praying, “Lord, if you ever want to do something big through me then make it that kind of BIG. The kind that makes people say, ‘Wow, God had to be the one who did that!’ “ 

Fish-Catching Chicks!

Amber and I with Salmon

No spiritual analogy here–just my sis-in-law looking adorable as always and me looking completely goofy like much of the time! And a whole bunch of fish. Woo-hoo! Go, girls! 

(Okay, maybe a little analogy–I did think about how we each were supposed to “catch our limit” and how that applies to all of us in our everyday lives because we all have limits. See? I can’t turn it off! And actually, I’m glad.)

Thanks for joining me on this little tour! I wish I could have taken all of you with me! We would have caught fish, drank way too much coffee, laughed a lot, and stared at some of those big ol’ mountains together.

Next time?

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