Crazy Katie Dog


This is my dog, Katie.

Since I shared some of my beautiful anomalies, I thought I’d share a few of hers as well.

  1. Katie is an odd mix of breeds—half basset hound and half beagle. I believe the official term for that type of dog is a "Bagel."
  2. Her nickname is "the Beast." I’m sure it’s clear from the photo why that’s the case.
  3. The first year we had Katie, we wrote her off on our taxes because we made a donation to get her.
  4. She was so bad when she came to live with us that our small group at church prayed for her. It worked.
  5. Katie’s front end has pudgy basset legs and her back end has skinny beagle legs. So if she gets going fast enough, her bottom tucks under and starts getting closer and closer to her chest. It seems as if this would be inconvenient… but she doesn’t appear to mind.
  6. If you say "Bone" Katie will try to do a back flip. If you say "Bath" she will hide in the back room.
  7. The Beast’s number one job is squirrel patrol…and she’s seriously been slacking this summer. The other day I walked into the kitchen and saw a squirrel having breakfast in her dog house while Katie happily watched from the porch.
  8. While the squirrels run wild, Katie has declared war on all June Bugs.
  9. The only things that get the Beast more worked up than June Bugs are a wind-up chicken and a snowman with springs for legs.
  10. Katie has taught me that God truly must have a sense of humor.

What’s your favorite odd but endearing thing about a pet you’ve owned?

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