Does this sound familiar?

Fear tries to keep you up at night, shouts when you try something new, or whispers as you hear the latest headlines. It challenges your faith and throws punches at your prayers. 

Maybe you’ve believed it will always be that way. But what if you don’t have to let fear hassle you anymore? What if you can take back your peace, confidence, and courage? 

Dealing with fear is inevitable, but letting it control your life is optional.

As a licensed counselor, life coach, and bestselling author, I’ve connected with thousands of people battling fear. It’s actually the most common struggle I see. I’ve also personally struggled with fear and anxiety. I’m excited about sharing the spiritual truths, psychological insights, and practical tools that have helped me most.

You’re stronger than you know, braver than you feel, and loved more than you can even imagine. It’s time to tell your fear,

“I’m over you!”

Holley Gerth, from the introduction of Fear, I’m Over You: A 21-Day Challenge to Live with Less Worry and More Courage

Fear, I’m Over You

A 21-Day Challenge to Live with Less Worry and More Courage

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12 Fear-Fighting, Faith-Building Scripture Cards

Do you fight fear only to find it creeping back up on you? Surround yourself with truth with these beautiful Scripture cards. They’re perfect to post on your bathroom mirror, carry in your purse, use as a bookmark, share with a friend, and more. And when you purchase your copy of Fear, I’m Over You, they’re free! 

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