God Hasn’t Forgotten You

God Hasn't Forgotten by Holley Gerth

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The text message pops onto my phone as I sit at a coffee shop. “I’m so sorry! I forgot our meeting today. I’m on my way!”

I smile as I sip my latte. “Let me assure you I’m doing okay,” I reply. “And I’ve certainly done the same thing before. All is well. See you soon.”

As humans, we’re notoriously forgetful. We can’t find the keys. We miss birthdays. We show up late for appointments. It’s maddening. Even when something is really important to us, our mind can drop it to make room for what it deems more important. (The system it uses is a complete mystery to me. I can remember an absurd amount of lyrics from eighties music, and yet I can’t recall where I put my cell phone a lot of the time.)

Imagine never being able to forget. I mean never. Any fact, memory, or bit of relevant information you want is there immediately when you need it. You never overlook a special day, lose a beloved item, or scratch your head while you try to recall the details of a particular event.

That’s what reality is like for God. He knows all of eternity in a way we can’t even comprehend. His ability to pay attention is unlimited. His recall is perfect. His tender care of us is never compromised by good intentions that don’t become reality.

When life gets tough, we can feel as if God has forgotten us. We wonder if perhaps his schedule just got a bit busy. Maybe he placed us where we are and then got distracted by something else. Or it could be that he has some idea of what’s going on but the details escape him—after all, he has a lot to manage.

But none of those are true. You serve a God who has the hairs on your head not only numbered but memorized. He knows the details of your life even better than you do. He never loses touch with your heart.

And because of that, you can always have hope. Because even if you can’t see what God is doing, you can trust he is already acting on your behalf. Nothing is too difficult for him. No challenge is too big. No detail is too small.

You are not forgotten.

You never have been.

You never will be.

You are always on God’s mind.

And he is always by your side.


Holley Gerth

The excerpt above is from my new devotional book, What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days. We’re going through it together on Facebook and we’d love for you to join us. Come on over, friend.

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About Holley

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