God-sized Dreams: Angie Washington

Angie Washington’s heart is as beautiful as her words. For both of those reasons, I just knew she had to be part of our ongoing conversation about God-sized Dreams. Angie started the House of Dreams in Bolivia and I’m so glad she’s here with us today–I just know you will be too. (Be sure to read all the way end for a special giveaway from Angie!).

House of Dreams 03 This is a dream come true story.

Busy street bustle outside our front door masks the little ones. Stop walking. Look down. There are children. They curl their feet into their tiny spot. The crowds rush by.

“Somebody needs do something about the orphans in our city,” whispers Someone.

“Yes they do,” is whispered back with a shake of the head and a shrug as steps hurry away.

Three days this conversation repeats. Attention is brought into focus.

“Somebody should do something about the orphans in our city,” says Someone persistent, insistent.

“We may not be able to help them all, but we can help some,” the reply is not so quick this time. Stare for a moment with eyes wide open into the eyes of dejection. Eyes of flickering hope. Eyes of a fatherless child, hungry, dirty, cold.

This was the nudge my husband got from Someone, the One, to start the House of Dreams Orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

House of Dreams 01 Months of paper trails. A building prepared. Staff hired. Beds wait. Warm clothes and healthy meals sit. We will fill this House of Dreams with Dreamers, children who need Someone to be their Father. Children whose flickering hope can be stoked and set ablaze once again.

That was the beginning over four years ago.


Now, learn from my Dreamers how to dream.

First, we dream with eyes closed.  The pavement we sit on is cold, the scorn on the faces who pass by too harsh. Starving we lift a weak hand to the air and beg for help. Head bowed to the ground. We close our eyes and paint beauty in the darkness.

Slowly we begin to dream with our eyes open. We are brought in from the frigid night to safety. We are fed and clothed. Our dreams are coming true. We know the tangible love of Someone real. But wait, that is not the end.

House of Dreams 02 Our eyes open wide we look around and dream through the eyes of those around us. Goodness poured on us we pour on others. Hands that once reached out begging, now reach out healing. Extended arms of Someone made our dreams come true; we follow Him. Our arms stretch out in sacrifice and love.

“Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

Are you dreaming with your eyes squeezed tight shut today? Don’t lose hope. You are not alone.

Maybe your eyes are adjusting to the light of His goodness, of dreams come true. We celebrate with you today!

To those living a dream life, might I invite you to see through the eyes of those around you? You may be a dream come true as you follow the nudge of Someone close. 

by Angie Washington


Coconut Shell Necklace Angie just never stops being generous and she’s provided a beautiful Bolivian handmade coconut shell necklace just for you. Leave a comment before midnight on Sunday and you’ll be entered to win it.

And to find out about how you can be a part of this God-sized Dream (there are lots of ways to help!) just visit the House of Dreams Orphanage.

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