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Kristen Strong is one of my heart friends that I have yet to meet face-to-face. I’ll finally get to do so next week! Squee! I already know I adore her because of her faith, friendship, and spunk. I know you will too. So when I thought about who might join our God-sized Dreams conversation next, she was right at the top of my mind. Just keep reading and you’ll see exactly why she’s here (and why I think she’s so wonderful too)…

Kristen's family in Hawaii

In 5th grade I chose staying in to do schoolwork before going out to recess. I worked hard and slept little even in high school because I was bent on giving maximum effort so I could shine.

If effort alone could have brought ultimate success in high school and beyond, I would have graduated valedictorian. I did well, but I was still not the “A” girl I desperately wanted to be. And no matter what I did-or how much effort I expended-I fell into that expansive middle labeled “average”.

And I couldn’t enjoy what small victories I had because my good was never good enough. I thought God worked through and was most proud of those whose life’s work and worth were labeled with a big, tangible A. Something everyone could see for themselves. The grade A end result proved their God-sized dreams were realized.

Unfortunately, I have bought into this for part of my adult life, too. That the visible results-what I can see right now-determines the success of my God-sized dream.

But that’s not how God works. His God-sized dream in me is taking something I have little patience for…time. Like a fitful toddler, I want what I want and I want it now. But God says,

“Listen girl. I planted this dream in you. Since I planted it, I get to say how long it takes to grow and how tall it’s going to be. I’m working on you more through this dream than you realize.”

I now know God first pushed me to work hard as a young girl because it would lay a foundation for going the distance and appreciating a slower path instead of a quick sprint to my dreams.

So, I shift my thinking to look at the journey as the thing to strive for and not the destination. On the journey I can:

• Build relationships.  Ever try to carry on a conversation while you sprinted down a track? It’s kinda hard. But those meandering paths give way for meeting folks and nurturing relationships.

• Improve my skills. If I want to learn and improve my craft, I need to take the time to study hard so I can learn what He wants me to.

• Fellowship with God. I want to enjoy His very real and active presence. I will grow and flourish most when I am in regular communication with the One who instilled my dream in the first place.

Sometimes my God-sized dream in me seems so powerful I could burst from the excitement and scariness of it all. If God is working on me through the journey and not just the destination, I want to give Him some serious glory in the process. I want to get caught up in Him rather than results.

“You have made known to me the path of life.
You will fill me with joy in your presence,
with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”
Psalm 16:11

And you know what else? When God instills a God-sized dream in your heart He is telling you YOU ARE ENOUGH. You know enough. You have what it takes. You may not think it, feel it, or see anything in front of you that proves it, but it’s true nonetheless. Sometimes it may take missing-recess-up-all-night kind of effort, but keep going the distance.

God-sized dreams penetrate deep. So, if it seems yours is taking time to bloom, perhaps it means He is still growing it. Don’t give up on the fact that His dream (and the wait!) for you is ripe with purpose.

What are you learning as you wait for your God-sized dream to bloom?

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