God-sized dreams…can be small

Tiny flower photo by audreyjm529 (flickr) In our world of super-size fries, “small” can get overlooked.

But not in God’s world.

He likes small.

A baby in a manger.

Faith like a mustard seed.

He just needs a little to do a lot.

I was reminded of that as I read One Small Barking Dog: How to Live a Life that’s Hard to Ignore by Ed Gungor

“Fall in love with the ordinary. Dare to believe that the minor details of your life matter to God. Dare to believe that you’re not a mistake. Besides, being ordinary and small may actually be evidence that God took extra time to make you that way. Why?

Because being small sets you up to fit in places that big cannot.

The apostle Paul said, “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life.”

Sometimes the dreams the world sees as small, the ones that seem as if they hardly have a voice, turn out to be the loudest and most meaningful of all.

Psst…lean in and let me whisper this to your heart.

You matter.

Your dream matters.

You’re making a difference.

We need you.

Keep it up.

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About Holley

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