God-sized Dreams: Red Letter Words

Red Letter Words I love it when God connects our hearts in unexpected ways.

I fell in love with RedLetterWords over a year ago. I mentioned it in a post I wrote and included this pic of one of the prints that’s in my home. 

Imagine my surprise and delight when I got an e-mail from Dee (the creator) saying she’d found my blog because one of you asked her to make you a print. We traded notes and I was so captivated by Dee’s heart and dreams that I asked her to be a part of our God-sized Dreams series.

Fast forward a few weeks when we realized we’d both be at Relevant. So I got to meet Dee in person last week–and she’s ever bit as wonderful in real life as she is in her beautiful work and words. 

I hope you enjoy getting to know her too. And be sure to read all the way to the end for the fabulous giveaway she’s doing for you!  

Love, Holley


I’ve never considered myself to be a writer.  So when Holley asked me to write a guest post I felt a little bit like Moses. 

Remember when God asked him to speak and Moses said that he was slow of speech but God got irritated with him and reminded him who made his mouth? and then told him he could and that he would be with him to do what he asked of him?  So I quickly replied Yes!  I would love to before any kind of self doubt could come in.

Red Letter Words - Jeremiah 2911 RedLetterWords is a God-Sized Dream.  There is no possible conceivable way that I could have planned for it to become what it is. 

Here is part of my story about how RedLetterWords came to be…

What RedLetterWords is today started as a thought, an idea for Scripture as Art, big and plain for everyone to read.  Bold and readable across the room.  The focal point of my living room.  That was 2003.  It was a desire of my heart. 

Except that the timing was off.  It wasn’t the right season.  Ecclesiastes 3 says that there is a time for everything. 

And 2003 was busy.  I was too busy doing too many things and not doing any of them very well.  We had 3 young kids  – and I was working for my husband who at the time had 2 companies, a photography studio and a digital printing lab.  I was volunteering at school and at church and soccer.  Whatever spare time I had was spent at the mall or reading gossip magazines.  (Now I am not saying that I don’t still enjoy shopping as much as the next girl, but when I was on a first name basis with every store manager that was not good.) 

My worth was tied up in what I was doing.    

Red Letter Words - Worth More than Rubies Fast forward a few years and I am home with our 4th baby.   My husband had sold his photography studio and I was no longer working for Color Inc. 

We had decided that enough was enough.  So I stopped working and volunteering so much and concentrated on staying home, raising our kids and managing our house. 

I never thought that I would be so content with the ordinary daily cleaning and laundry and groceries and everything involved with keeping a home. 

I decided to seek first His kingdom. 

God’s way of doing things. 

I had always done things my way. But when I sought after His kingdom, I became more and more aware of exactly Who I Was in Christ. 

A sinner saved by Grace.

Created in His Image. 

Blessed and Highly Favored. 

Worthy.  Redeemed.  Loved.

I was content and happy.  And it wasn’t until I was content with the ordinary that God opened the door to the extraordinary. 

I started having small blocks of time during the day that I was so thankful for. Thankful for spare quiet moments to work on my dream of Scripture as Art. Because I had long before decided that whatever spare time I was given was going to be used to bring God glory. 

The ideas for RedLetterWords became clearer. The Art would look like an erased chalkboard. With big text. With scripture that had personal meaning to me. After much trial and error, I made them for  my house and started giving them to friends and family members for Christmas and birthdays and baby showers and wedding presents.  

In 2008 I started an Etsy store. I wrote down the vision. Every month it was the same  “bring God’s glory to Lots of people.” It is still the same vision. www.redletterwords.com soon followed.   

It is so exciting to see what God’s plan is for RedLetterWords.  His plan is always for good and I love walking by the foyer and reading Jeremiah 29:11.   

Over the years I have held onto and confessed out loud many scriptures at different seasons of life. . . most of which have been made into RedLetterWords prints. 

God is no respecter of persons . . . this is for you too–

You were Created in His Image. 

You are Blessed and Highly Favored. 

Worthy.  Redeemed.  Loved 

What scripture are you standing on right now?  I would love to know! 

by Dee, RedLetterWords

Wonderful Dee is giving away both of the prints shown in the post above to YOU! Just answer the question at the end of her post by midnight on Sunday and you’ll be entered. For an extra entry, stop by RedLetterWords and leave another comment below sharing which print is your favorite!

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