Hey There, I Like You Already

Imagine we’re in your favorite coffee shop or café. The air smells like chocolate and espresso. I bring you a mug of something you love and then say, “Tell me about you.”

You share about your life–the good things and blessings. Yet you’re also battling something like insecurity, fear or discouragement. Yep, I hear you. I’ve been there too. Lean in and listen close, those battles aren’t reasons for shame or guilt. They’re just proof you’re a fighter and I want to help you win.

You see struggles, I see your God-given superpowers…let’s find your cape.

Your work has helped play a part in shaping me into the person I am today: a centered, confident, happy woman who doesn’t take a day for granted. Here’s to never giving up and embracing imperfection along the way. – Jen

I read You’re Going to Be Okay cover to cover in three days and I can tell you that it truly changed my life. It completely transformed how I react to situations and how I handle worry, stress, anxiety, etc. You do an impeccable job at applying and combining The Word, real life experiences and science/research (which is really helpful to a medical brain!). – Maggie

Next to the Bible, Fiercehearted is the most underlined book I have ever owned. It’s like Holley knew my soul, my struggles, and said to me: “You are not alone.” She gave my heart oxygen and my soul food and this book is like a hug, a friendship to me, during a season where I need it so much. – Amazon review

Imagine waking up feeling confident in who you are, equipped and excited to do what you need to and feeling inspired about your life. It really is possible.

I want to do everything I can to help you embrace who you are and become all you’re created to be.

In elementary school, I sometimes hid in the bathroom because talking to people was a little too much to handle. As a young woman, I struggled with anxiety, depression, perfectionism and insecurity. Even into early middle age, I kept asking the question, “What’s wrong with me?”

I began looking into how I was wired and read every article or book I could find on how to thrive, especially as an introvert. I got a master’s degree in counseling and became a certified life coach. I published books that turned out to be bestsellers and connected with thousands of women whose stories were similar to mine. They would send me notes online or walk up to me at speaking events and whisper, “Me too.”

The more I learned about who God made me and talked to others, the more I began to lean into my strengths. I found I had unique gifts to offer. I discovered how to transform my anxiety, depression, perfectionism and insecurity into powerful traits like empathy, compassion, creative excellence and humble confidence. I believe this is absolutely possible for you too.

Do I still have struggles? Sure, that’s part of being human. But my struggles no longer have me.

I’m Cheering for You

You already have everything you need. You’re already who you need to be. You don’t have to go through all the years of hiding, hurt and awkward moments I did. Your life can start changing right now because I’ll share with you what I’ve been through and how you can learn to use your God-given superpowers. You don’t have to do this alone. Join me?

Helpful Resources

To get you started, I’d like to invite you on a journey to embrace who you are and become all you’re created to be. If you choose to accept this invitation, we’ll take each step together, starting right now…

To begin, here are three things you can do:

# 1 – Join my courageous community (email list) so we can stay connected. I send regular updates to encourage and inspire you, and I don’t want you to miss a single thing. About 30,000 others already have. When you do this, you’ll also receive a free gift — a special set of four exercises called 15 Minutes to Your Mission Statement. (I think you’ll really enjoy this!)




More than Small Talk Podcast

Suzie, Jennifer, Holley

# 2 – If you’re into podcasts, listen to More Than Small Talk. Suzie Eller, Jennifer Watson (fellow authors and my real-life friends) and I spend each episode discussing one confession question (gasp!) as well as sharing helpful truths, tips and resources. If you want to go deeper, live freer and feel more connected you’ll love this podcast. Find it online or through your favorite app.




#3 – Finally, if you want to live more fully and love more bravely, be less consumed by fear and the need to be perfect, check out my new book, Fiercehearted. This is my most personal book ever. Fair warning: it’s gritty and grace-filled. It will help you discover why you’re stronger than you know, braver than you feel and loved more than you can even imagine.



Holley Gerth is a fresh voice for every woman— she echoes the voice of our Father. – Ann Voskamp, New York Times Bestselling Author of One Thousand Gifts

Holley shows us how to become the women we long to be, the women God created us to be. – Renee Swope, Bestselling Author of A Confident Heart

With the expertise of a counselor and the kindness of a friend, Holley offers permission we don’t need but often wait for anyway—to be who we already are in Christ and truly live. – Emily P. Freeman, Author of Simply Tuesday and founder of Hope*Writers

I hope we really can have a cup of coffee or tea at your favorite place one day. Until then, I’m glad you’re here!

Cheering you on,




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