If not for grace…

My path photo by maria angelie (flickr creative commons) We talked about God-sized dreams yesterday.

About how they are messy, imperfect, glorious and flawed.

Because we are too.

And one phrase kept reverberating through my being…

If not for grace

If not for grace

If not for grace God-sized dreams would never come true.

Because I can tell you from experience

You will cry at the wrong time.

You will say that awkward thing.

You will forget what to do in that most important moment.

And, God in His stubborness, will carry on with His plan anyway.

You will fail at least once, and probably more.

You will think you are incapable.

And sometimes you will be.

But God, in His audacity, will use you anyway.

You will miss opportunities.

You’ll take steps you shouldn’t.

You’ll walk through the wrong door and shut the right one.

And somehow, inexplicably, God will get you there anyway.

You will be hard to live with sometimes.

You will fall short.

You will forget to stand tall.

And, God, uncaring of what’s cool will say, “That one’s mine” anyway.

You see, God-sized dreams don’t make sense.

Not a bit.

Because they come from the heart of the One whose ways are higher than ours.

They flow from the One who stubbornly believes in grace.

If not for grace…

we wouldn’t take a step

because it’s grace that paves the road to God-sized dreams.

And we walk it, unworthy, anyway, all the way

utterly broken

and entirely loved. 

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About Holley

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