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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you experience technical issues downloading or you aren’t sure how to access the book on various devices, reach out to NetGalley! We do not have access to the backend of NetGalley to solve tech problems, but they do and they can walk you through. This page has a helpful FAQ section and a place to “Submit a Request” for assistance. For detailed instructions on downloading/reading the book using various devices (Kindle, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, NOOK, Kobo) this page may help.

Download Your Exclusive

Full Digital Version of the Book

(this will be much easier on a computer than on a mobile device)…

  1. If you’re already a member of NetGalley, skip to step 3.
  2. Become a member of (it’s free) and select a Reviewer account. You can also connect your account to GoodReads so your book review automatically posts both places!
  3. Make sure you’re signed in first. Then CLICK HERE and request the book! (Please do not share this link with others.) If you’re on a computer, it would be great if you’d click the “thumbs up” directly below the book cover.
  4. After requesting the book, go to Your Shelf on NetGalley. You can then either ‘Send to Kindle’ or ‘Download.’ (Clicking Download will download straight to your computer.)

Access the 7 Ways to Thrive as an Introvert mini-course. 

  1. Go to the 7 Ways to Thrive as an Introvert course page​.
  2. Click the red “Get Started Now” button at the bottom.
  3. When asked for payment, enter code “introvert”.

Download your self-scoring Introvert Strengths Assessment

(You’ll get an email with a code to download your fourth launch team gift,
The Powerful Purpose of Introverts audiobook, when the book releases!)

This private launch team gift page is only for you. As a launch team member, you’ll be inviting others to preorder The Powerful Purpose of Introverts. While they won’t get all the launch team gifts, they can still get over $75+ of bonuses! So get ready to spread that awesome news to your people!

Thanks again for joining the launch team! I’m excited about our time together and truly grateful for you!

Thank you!


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